About us 


Homemade pasta & traditional recipes

Based on traditional family recipes, our cuisine is a celebration of the simplest and freshest ingredients. 

Whilst staying true to our roots, we believe we can rejuvenate our legacy, reach modernity in traditions and deliver you the greatest tastes of our childhood. 

Discover a full range of original dishes, from breakfast to dinner and suitable for all kind of impassioned gourmets -vegetarian, vegan, diary-free, gluten-free and so on. We are pleased to work with you to make the best of our menu. 

Our passion revolves around sharing. We believe great food is not only about eating for its own sake: it's much more than that ! 

By sharing our legacy with you today, as we would do it with our family and friends, we invite you to bring the mediterranean taste into your everyday lifestyle and share it with your loved ones. 

In the end, this is what Al Santo is all about: "The meeting point".